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What Do You Need to Know to Write a Successful Essay?

It's easy to get frustrated and distressed with the assignment of writing an academic essay. Staring at a blank page for hours and being unable to come up with an appropriate way to start your essay can be rather demotivating. 
This assignment can be especially difficult for those students who don't have enough practice or aren't aware of the basics of successful academic writing. Luckily, with today's abundance of information on the web it's pretty easy to find valuable advice or useful tip on improving your writing skills. Knowing effective writing techniques will definitely help you succeed at your studies without spending a lot of your precious time.

What to Begin with?
The introduction of an essay is supposed to be the most important part of your paper. It's the first thing your instructor will read so you need to try very hard to make a positive impression on your reader. The secret of writing an impressive and memorable introduction is using an essay hook. You might already know that there are several types of essay hooks you can use -  a question, quotation, shocking fact, anecdote, etc. Choose the one that is most appropriate for your topic.
Another significant part of your introductory paragraph is a thesis statement. This is the sentence that focuses on the main idea of your paper and gives your reader an idea of what to expect of it. As a rule, a thesis statement is placed at the end of the introduction to emphasize it and make a smooth transition to the body paragraphs. Think very carefully on the formulation of your thesis. Don't make it too general or too narrow. It should be very specific and interesting for your audience. The secret here is not to choose too obvious statements because you risk making your essay boring and dull.

The Main Task of the Body Paragraphs and Conclusion   
The body of your essay should consist of a solid argumentation for supporting your point of view. Depending o the type of an essay, you will describe or argue a specific notion using your own experience and with the help of other reliable sources. Clearly state all of your arguments and make sure you're using an appropriate language. It has to be comprehensive for the non-experts of your subject area so make sure to avoid special terminology whenever possible.

The conclusion will sum up your viewpoint and maybe even suggest a new perspective to look at the discussed issue.
Don't be afraid to practice and improve your writing skills. Practice makes perfect!

Hater Jacth

A 35-year-old freelance writer based in USA, specialising in the Education Industry.