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How to Write a Research Paper
Sooner or later, a student in high school or college is asked to write a research paper. This is a task feared by most students, but the reality is that it is essential for learning and academic progress and success. Later on, you will find it useful in your career as well. That is why you have to learn how to do it well. The guidance provided here will help you do a great job.

Understanding Requirements
You have to go over the requirements of your professor very carefully.
You have to have a clear idea of whether you will write an argumentative or analytical paper. In the first case, you will have to take a position and support it. In the second case, you have to analyze a particular subject from a critical point of view. Examples include literary works, historic events and political decisions. You should go over the requirements for the research, paper structure and formatting and ensure that you will follow them strictly.

Research, Analysis and Writing
When students want to learn how to write a research paper, they want to receive guidance on doing the research. The factor that will help to push your grade up is the use of both secondary and primary sources. The main examples of secondary sources are books written on a particular subject. They could be factual and/or contain the opinions of experts. The primary sources are first-hand sources. Examples include statistical data, interviews given by important figures and video footage and witness reports from events. It is perfectly possible for you to interview an expert on the subject personally. This will certainly be more than impressive.
For analyzing the information extracted from the sources, you need to use effective methods accepted in the particular academic discipline. While logical reasoning is the most common method, it is not the only one available. If you have to interpret statistical data, for example, you can use analytical software that produces graphics.
It is important for you to organize the writing process. It is possible to use a tutorial and follow the precise steps described there. Ensure that you have all required materials with you. Start by creating an outline of the paper. Write down the thesis statement, the points that you will make and the source materials that you will use to support these points. After creating the first draft, read it carefully and revise it until it is perfect. Watch your grammar, spelling and punctuation. Try to write in academic style, but do not use words that you do not know and avoid making the sentences too long and complex.
Reliable Support
You should keep in mind that your professor is readily available to answer your questions, to give you advice and to guide you throughout the research and writing process. You can also ask her to recommend tutorials, guides and other tools that will help you do a good job. Remember that the idea is for you to learn how to write a research paper and develop important skills that will be invaluable for you in the future.

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